Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is an Economic and Business Development organization. GRABB works to foster an economy that creates prosperity and supports the revitalization of predominantly Black neighborhoods. GRABB works to expand opportunities for Black businesses in the Metro Grand Rapids area by assisting them with acquiring four form of capital (Human, Social, Intellectual and Financial) and creating awareness for Black businesses. GRABB is empowering the Black business community that is leading to meaningful and beneficial economic growth and sustainability.


GRABB works closely with current and aspiring entrepreneurs to regardless of what stage or phase they’re at. With the goal to enhance, and expand the Black business community. We believe that creating vibrant business districts anchored by Black businesses is vital in raising the quality of life for families in economically depressed predominantly Black neighborhoods in Metro Grand Rapids and beyond.

  • BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Malamiah Juice Bar & Eatery



Malamiah Juice Bar is a family owned business offering made-to-order juices, smoothies, coffee, teas, salads, grain bowls & Acai Bowls. We also offer juice cleanses.


They are committed to creating nutritious products that provide various access points to increase healthy living. They respect our planet by making choices that prioritize sustainability and we intentionally contribute to local economic growth.








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